35th "Tiso" Carnethy '5' Hill Race
12th February 2005


The race preparations start in October 2004. Over 100 people are involved in putting the race on -masterminded by Andy Spenceley.
By 5th February 2005 five hundred and thirty four people have entered.
February 11th, volunteers mark the route in the sleet and wind.
10am Saturday 12th February
and the tents are being put up in the field.

1pm and runners are jogging up to Charlie's Loup...

...I walk up Scald Law in the winter sunshine - nobody to be seen up there!

The route up Scald Law goes through deep heather higher up!

There is a biting wind at the top of South Black Hill. Allermuir is in the sun in the distance and a lone marshal waits on Scald Law

One minute to the start and you can see the tents and the runners about to set off.

They're off.

The sun is shining and they're sheltered from the wind here. They're in for a shock higher up!

Jamie Thin (past Carnethy '5' organiser) clears the wall in style along with the leaders

The peleton flows through the bottleneck at Charlie's Loup

Scald Law's shoulder allows a breather from the steep heather-bashing sections

Paul Ritchie of Carnethy climbing 'tall'

Gordon Cameron keeps his head above the pack going up Scald Law

The runners make a colourful picture in the purple-brown heather

The Sweep-er (with Sooty and Soo!)

The view from the back

Ronnie Gallagher 'heather-stepping'

Murray Strain is first to South Black Hill 

The next 3 are just behind. The rest of the field can be seen strung out on the summit of Scald Law

People are climbing the shoulder of Scald Law in the background

It reminds me of ants following a pheromone trail

Gordon Pryde of Lomonds leads a group round the summit of South Black Hill

The biting, cold wind quickly numbs my ungloved hand

Colin Pritchard fights the wind as I shelter behind the wall of the summit cairn

Many people decided to wear their full-body cover. The marshal on Carnethy records a wind chill of minus 10 degrees C

The line begins to string out towards the Kips

...and still they come!

An ex-International triathlete, running this, his first hill race, said that the force of the cross-wind meant he had to breathe as in swimming. The Venturi effect made it difficult to suck air in!

This way....

The sun shines as the middle of the pack reach East Kip

Adam Ward being blown up Carnethy

John Coyle and 11 of his Mull pupils just made it to the start after calling out the AA

Adam Anderson finds a way through the rough ground on Carnethy's slopes

Murray Strain strides round Carnethy's cairn

Brian Marshal starts the run down to the finish, Penicuik in the background

Mark Roberts rounds the cairn on the last summit

A day of great views from the tops

Stewart Whitlie should know the way down!

The tents at the finish are in sight!

Walkers on the path to the col, far below

Brian Marshall and Cameron Watson chase Murray Strain across the field

Des Crowe of Shettleston. Scald Law in the background

Jamie Thin moves into top gear at the bottom of Carnethy

It felt tropical in the sun and sheltered from the wind. Dave Cummins of Shettleston sprints home

Adam Ward helped Carnethy to the team prize

Gary MacInnes got unlucky 13!

Mark Roberts of Borrowdale descends Carnethy's heathery slope


Jill Mykura was first lady

Adam Anderson checks there's still time to go and buy that Valentine's card..

Tip-toe through the heather

Richie Cunningham, Carnegie

First aid goes up the hill

Running downhill is easy

Louise Roberts, Keswick, was 2nd lady

Stewart Barrie of Carnethy

'No. 1', Andrew Lennie of Carnethy

After Carnethy's heather-hopping there is a fast downhill run home on short grass (and bog)

Billy Proctor, Helm Hill Runners, checks to see where the next runner is

Where's dad? SHR calendar 'cover boy' Gordon Cameron slips unnoticed past a group of girls

Andrew Kerr, Troon Tortoises is no tortoise!

World team champion, Tracey Brindley, encourages runners out on the course

They keep to the narrow trail through the tuffety grass

Sandy Low of Carnethy

Elspeth Baxter and Alasdair Hind tackle the muddy swamp. All races have a muddy swamp or equivalent - the earlier, the better!

Gillian McKelvie, Portobello leads Philip Smithard, Carnegie, home

Still enough puff for a sprint finish. I wonder who won..

The final run-in

Jamie Thin, HBT, finishes


Well that was better than watching the rugby!

The winner, winning!
Murray Strain of Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds

6pm Saturday 12th February: The hills and field are empty of marking tape, people and tents. Sunday's walkers will be none the wiser. Andy breathes a sigh of relief.


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