KB after 1.5 pints

Gordon in his Leader top

The Merlin +0.5 pint

Kim relaxes

Morning Glory and Chips
'twas a gloriously warm sunny evening as 19 (well, ish...the number seemed to fluctuate...particularly by the end of the evening...) Carnethies gathered at the newly poshed-up KB bar for the annual pub 'n' chips run. After a warm-up sherbet, we headed out into the wilds, topping out on the summit of Blackford Hill, before romping down steep dry grass on its north side. A sneaky side door led us on a tarmac-avoidance scheme through the grounds of the Astley Ainslie, where we ducked and dived our way through, before heading over to the Merlin, and an impressed, if slightly confused barman! With an advance party heading on to order the chips, the rest followed for the short dash to the Morning Glory, where we dined alfresco on a range of potato based products washed down with a well-due Deuchars!

Sadly, being a hill running club, it felt only right that we then headed uphill once more, tarrying briefly on the terrace of the Buckstone bar for Bitter & Twisted and Pimms, then on, on, and up to the summit of Braids. The Pentlands were looking stunning in the evening sunshine and, following the summit photocall, there was brief talk of a sally out to Caerketton... But common sense prevailed as we tore ourselves away, and yomped across the golf course and into Mortonhall woods, beautifully dappled with golden sunlight.

Next stop was the Stables bar, where there was talk of Gordon being barred (was it the vest, or the shorts that pushed the barman over the edge?), but instead we quaffed fine Stewart's ale, either indoors or out...depending on each person's own in-built midge-resistance! And then the final leg - a rapid yomp down by Braids golf course led us swiftly to the Braidburn for a final drink and the end of a grand night out...except for the hardcore few heading for the late night lock-ins in town - you know who you are!!

Morning Glory + 0.5 pint

Pimms at The Braid Hills

Braid Hills + 0.5 pint

Kim's Pimms

Russel stays sober

4th Jug of Pimms goes

On top of The braids

Unstable at The Stable + 2pints

The Braidburn + 1 pint (I think)

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