Eleven Eleven Eleven

So it is now 12.11.11 and we have all been on the hills, over 20 runners/photographers turned up at The Steading for the viewing.

There was a massive entry so thanks to all that participated and four runners did all the hills.

Bill Gauld, Nigel Rose ,Nicki Innes, Charlie Ramsay, Colin Pritchard, Bob Waterhouse, Willie Gibson,Neil Campbell, Moira Stewart, Jonathan Hogg, Allan Hogg, Digby Maass, Michael Wilkinson, Harry Gilmore, Joel Sylvester,Kirsty Louden, Kate Friend, Helen Bonsor, Margaret Forrest, Gordon Cameron, Scott Cameron, Jonathon Whithead.

On the night we had a poll to pick the winning photos and the winners can be seen below.
All the photos will be on The Club Picasa site soon, and a public vote for more winners will be organised.



Bob Waterhouse

With his shoulder still sore Bob managed this fantastic photo through a grimace while saying "How long is that remote going to take before it takes this B***** photo"


The Kips

Willie Gibson

A kip on The Kips was Moira's idea but Willie was the one with the camera this time.



Jonathan Hogg

Jonathan took this near the start of his round of the whole circuit with his Dad.


Black Hill

Moira Stewart

Moira thought ahead and brought the Black Magic specially for the hill. The glasses were there already, but the chocolates were quickly devoured after the photo as essential hill food for 11 summits.



Willie Gibson

With a helping hand from Kate and Moira, Willie managed to get his aging body to the top of the sentry box to take this photo


Bells Hill

Kirsty Louden

I was delighted to sneak out of the door and working at home, to get involved in the re-enactment of the Battle of Bell hill. Not heard of it? And you thought Penicuik Harriers and Carnethy runners were on good speaking/running and even biking terms!



Willie Gibson

The plan of cutting out 6 large 1s out of cardboard got left behind with a busy morning, but luckily the recent gorse cull produced the sticks for this 11.11.11.


Harbour Hill

Margaret Forrest

Margaret's theme was Elevensies on 11.11.11
Alway one for a good cup of tea




Jonathan Hogg

The cairn on the summit is unmistakably Carnethy another winner from Jonathan



Bob Johnson

There is nothing to be said about this photo of our new secretary.


Scald Law

Scott Cameron

The RSPCA were not informed before the dressing of Cody for this photo




Michael Wilkinson

Michael visited a number of summits but his winning photo was the lowest altitude of them all.


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