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Sam Hesling on Cycling

Whatever way you look at it cycling is excellent. It is pretty much free (once you have a bike), it keeps you fit (and can get you fitter), gets you to work (and home) and doesn't clog up our streets, create noise pollution and reduce the life expectancy of our city's residents like the motor car does.
Ranting aside, Carnethy members get up to all sorts of things on two wheels. Mountain biking, road biking and cyclocross are all popular within the club with members both competing at a high level, and getting together to enjoy social rides and banter. Cycling can be used as an excellent tool for cross training when suffering from injury, or as an extra training tool (indeed some weeks more time is spent on two wheels than two feet and I call myself a runner ! - Sam). Cycling can promote excellent cardiovascular fitness and leg strength without the associated impact of running, at least until you crash...
To acknowledge the popularity of cycling within the club Carnethy HRC have become members of Scottish Cycling, allowing members to enter races under the "Carnethy HRC" club name. The breadth of the Scottish cycling scene is massive, and a good place to start finding out more is here http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/scotland.
So get out and ride, or run, or better still do both and ride out to your run !!

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Glen Tress Duathlon

Carnethy Roadies Monthly Ride

The rides will be on the last Sunday of every month, departing 9.15 sharp.
To go with the club cycling tops, our Scottish Cycling Union membership and known activity within the club, a monthly outing will start for those who want to get some miles in on their road bikes, led by Richard Bush and/or Robin Haynes for whom a poor choice of parents has resulted in creaking knees and running being off limits.
The rides will be on the last Sunday of every month, departing 9.15 sharp so as to get the back roads beyond the bypass at their quietest and hence most bike friendly. The route will vary each month to account for differing weather forecasts and participants’ whims and preferences, but will be approximately 3 hours averaging around 17mph – faster if we get a good chaingang going.
The rides are intended to provide a reasonably challenging outing for anybody who is keen to get some miles in. If all you have is a mountain bike or a 3 speed shopper, you risk not being able to keep up as it is designed for other things. You should bring something to drink, enough food to sustain you over 50 miles of effort, a waterproof and the means of fixing punctures.
Out of self preservation, we'll give all partcipants a quick summary of how to ride in a group (nobody will thank you if you bring everybody crashing to the ground, no matter how much by accident it was) and you should familiarise yourself with some of the very wise advice on road safety created by, for example, Edinburgh Road Club - see http://www.edinburghrc.co.uk/Safety.


Allermuir Hill Climb

Carnethy broke new ground last July with a mountain bike hill climb on the final steep ramp of Allermuir in the Pentlands. The 200m course was divided into 30 zones and the aim of the "competition" was to get as far up the hill as possible. Craig O'Donnell was the only rider to clear the full course and make the summit without stopping or putting a foot down. There were 18 competitors and the scores were as follows: Keith Burns (7), Jonathan Whitehead (1), Des Crowe (8), Andy Spenceley (7), Sam Hesling (10), Craig O'Donnell (*30*), Phil Young (9), Paul Carmichael (21), Katie Carmichael (12), Nicola Johnson (6), Bob Johnson (21), Joel Silvestre (12), Tim Darlow (20), Kate Friend (7), Jon Ascroft (22), Jamie Thin (Cross Bike 1), Patrick Jones (8), Simon Parson (Cross Bike 11).

Glen Tress Duathlon

Glentress Duathlon

Organised by Pete and Elsie Baxter of Westies, the Glentress Duathlon is a series of three races run in the winter months. Each race consists of a Mountain Bike Cycle and a Hill Run, not necessarily in that order.

The races can be run as a solo or a team (one runner one cyclist).

The first race is medium with the winner is expected to cycle for 30 minutes and run for 30 minutes. The second is the short 20 minutes each and the third is the long 40 minutes each.

A really good fun day out.

Glen Tress Duathlon

Alternative John Muir Way

Get On Your Bike

Bikes are often seen in Carnethy events such as The Alternative John Muir Way or the East Lothian 3 Peaks , both organised by Keith Burns.

Brian Waldie has take his bike to international races too.

Brian Waldie cycles in Italy

Cali and Bob, and Nick and Irene


There are a surprising number of tandem owners in the Club and they often take part in the cycling and running events.

Who have tandems?
Keith and Barbel Burns
Willie and Cathi Gibson
Nick and Irene Schierloh
Nick and Alison Macdonald
Cali Ingham and Bob Waterhouse
Olly and Jane Stephenson
Jamie and Joanne Thin

have I missed anyone? email webteam

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